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Here’s a Map of the current members of this website. More maps to be added soon I hope.

Here’s a list of projects that we know about. There are many more than those we list here!

(Please add to the list by joining this network or/and by Commenting below)


Circus Kathmandu Nepal

Freedom Matters, United Kingdom/Nepal

Mobile Mini Circus for Children, Afghanistan


South-East Asia

Spark Circus, northern Thailand

Circus in Motion, Singapore

Beyond Social Services, Singapore

Viva Vertical, Hong Kong

KELY Support Group Limited, Hong Kong

Macau Youth Circus Arts, Macau

Hong Kong Social Circus Limited (Formerly Dream Social Circus), Hong Kong



Welcome – Zip Zap Circus. South Africa

One Love Theatre, Ethiopia

Sarakasi Trust Kenya


Americas Colombia

The Growing Circus and Life Brasil

ONG Artes para la Vida, Chile

El Circo del Mundo – Chile

Cuerda Firme Chile

Circo del Sur Argentina

Home – CircEsteem USA

Circus Harmony USA

Green Fools Physical Theatre, Canada Canada



Circability Trust, New Zealand

Cirkidz Inc, Australia

Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Australia

Vertical Circus, Australia

Westside Circus, Australia

Australian Circus and Physical Theatre Assoc. (ACAPTA), Australia

National Institute of Circus Arts Australia (NICA), Australia

Flying Fruit Fly Circus | Ordinary Kids Doing Extraordinary Things Australia

Flipside Circus – Unthink The Impossible Australia



Belfast Community Circus Northern Ireland

Organised Kaos Wales

Let’s Circus, England

Performers Without Borders, United Kingdom

Cirqueon, Czech Republic


andrea · September 24, 2017 at 8:51 pm

great job Jules! Please add Spark Circus– work on the thai burmese border… Charlie is carrying the torch and continuing running that program, likely biannually. Next one will be jan/feb i think!

clowns without borders canada is another good program, out of canada, works in Haiti and other areas…

Charlene whitehead · September 24, 2017 at 9:05 pm

Hello, we are spark circus, located in northern thailand!

Mathias Kavita · September 20, 2018 at 2:30 pm

Jambo. Hi, a uniquely entry. We are Mighty Jambo Circus Academy from East Africa, Nairobi Kenya

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