Our Aim

is to connect the World with Social Circus

Social Circus across the Globe

There are over 500 Social Circus projects running all around the world. Please join this network so we can add you to the map and feature your group. You will be taken to Social-Circus.com where you can see many groups and also register your group

What is Social Circus?

Explaining to the wider public what Social Circus does and what it's about and how it work in many different models.

Social Circus International is a small not-for-profit company (limited by guarantee registered in the UK) which gathers funds for Social Circus projects; it distributes these funds to suitable projects and gets reports and accounts to check on delivery and process.

Projects currently funded: Social Circus Myanmar

You can connect to the Social Circus movement world-wide by going to Social-Circus.com where you can find social circus projects and register as a member of social-circus.com if you like.

We are not fund-raisers ourselves, we leave that to individual projects and companies; we don’t have funds to pay out. But if you need some help or advice we might be able to point you in the right directions.